Accident Reconstruction

KSN Engineering has investigated and successfully resolved hundreds of cases regarding automobile accidents. These accidents involve speed and direction determination, nighttime visibility, perception and reaction time, and mechanical failure to name a few.  We are capable of the following:

→ Computer accident reconstruction and animation of an accident;

→ Analysis of speed and direction of the automobiles;

→ Crush analysis and delta V calculations; and

→ Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System data download and interpretation.


Computer Accident Reconstruction and Animation

ARAS 360 HD Advanced Crash Reconstruction Software allow a physics based reconstruction of the accident and scene for accurate representations for use in court proceedings.   ARAS 360 HD Advanced Crash Reconstruction Software includes the capability for angular and collinear momentum analysis tools.

Analysis of speed and direction of the automobiles


Crush analysis and delta V calculations

A crush analysis is sometimes essential to calculate the impact speed for crashes that do not fit other models.  The crush damage to the front of a passenger vehicle is measured and compared to a new vehicle.

Crash Data Retrieval (Automotive Black Box)

The Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System by Bosch allows us to download vital data from the accident vehicle air bag module (computer). Such vital data includes vehicle and engine speeds, throttle position, and brake and seat belt status prior to, during, and following impact.

Data from the Crash Data Retrieval System, or CDR, aids in the reconstruction of many vehicle accidents.  It also helps identify where any vehicle malfunction occurred.  The CDR output diagram below was downloaded from a vehicle with a stuck accelerator which resulted in a fatal accident.  Air bag modules record selected data for both an airbag deployed accident and a non-airbag deployed accident that is severe.